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To the Person Who Doubted Me and Still Does

I actually once thought that I would be engulfed with what you said. It would eat me alive, I said to myself, as you told me I wasn't good enough and will never be good enough. Little did I know that it would motivate me to do much better, to try to prove you wrong. But as weeks passed, I realized it meant nothing if I would do my best just to please you because it shouldn't be my goal. The most important and the sole goal I should have was to glorify God and only Him alone. Why was I trying to please someone whom I know would probably never believe in me and push away He who gave me the wisdom and knowledge that I do have and most importantly, the hope that is burning inside me?

If you are wondering if I still can't get over with what you have said, I have already moved on and am already trying to forget those discouraging words. Even if you shouldn't have said it, you still did and maybe there was a reason why. I don't know what that reason is and it's alrigh…

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