Some Pattern I've Noticed

Hi guys! There's some pattern I've noticed here in my blog as I was reading it. I kept telling you guys that I was so sorry for not updating for the months before the post. I told you guys I was going to update it from time to time. It turns out that history has been repeating again and again, but I will make sure that will not happen this time. As you can see this is the second post of the week. This is something I think I've never tried.
TAKE the risk or LOSE the chance. - Unknown
I'm not actually sure who reads my blogs, but if you are one of the people who just happened to click next blog and arrived in my blog. I hope you stay and actually follow me in this journey called life. I am certain though of one person who reads my blog. I won't say the name of that person, but I know you already know if that is you.
Life is a journey not a destination. - Unknown
 I'm not sure why I have so many quotes in this post. I cannot fangirl here because I have another blog for that. I am going to go there to update. Here is a link to my fangirling blog ---->

Going to post later this week. Talk to me on twitter or on tumblr. :) @kamandag88 and


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