It's Father's Day

Hi guys! It's Father's Day! I'm going to give you some tips to make your dad happy on this day!

1) Gifts
       If you are able to save money, why not buy your father a gift? Just make sure it's the money you earned and not the one your father gives. Otherwise, it will just feel like he bought it. Earn the money then buy him a gift. You could buy him a personalized item, a new wallet, or even a new car! If you don't have the time however, you can just search online and see what others have for sale this father's day.

2) Greeting Cards
       If you don't have money to buy him a gift, you can either make your own greeting card or get one from the internet and print it. Make sure that you write him a personalized message inside. Make him feel special. You could give it to him anytime of the day. After giving the card to him, you should hug him and tell him that you love him.
3) Facebook Post with a Message
       If you don't have the time to create a greeting card or to print one, you can just post a picture in facebook, tag your father, and greet him with a personalized message. Don't just copy and paste the message from another person. That will make him feel less special and you could be sued for plagiarism. You could design the picture with different apps to make it look cooler.
4) Treat Him to Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
       Again, if you have money that you earned, you could treat your father to a meal whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or if you do not have money, you could surprise him by cooking his favorite meal. If you don't know how to cook that specific food, you could ask help from your mother or search a recipe online. Make him feel special by adding love to your recipe.
5) A Simple Text Message
       If you do not want to do any of the ones above, you could always just send him a text message. Send him a Happy Father's Day text or a father's day quote. You could also send him a Bible verse if you want. 

Although I have given you suggestions, it's always better to think of your own unique way to surprise your father. The best gift is presence and not presents so if you are away from your father, maybe it's time to go back to his place and give him the love in front of him. I'm sure your father misses you. Happy father's day to your fathers and may the Lord bless them! 


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