What's up, everybody? I just got home from an english enhancement class which I took to enhance my English. Wew. I started doing my summer activities two weeks ago. It's pretty cool though that other schools in the country are already welcoming another school year and here we are just welcoming summer.
Joffrey is impressed. GAHHH I miss him...
Here are some of the activities I've been doing. 

First, Muay Thai. Muay Thai is from Thailand, obviously. You use your hands, elbows, feet, and legs. You punch, you kick, and etc. It's not Muay Thai that's tiring. It's the workout you do before you do Muay Thai. 
Dayuuumm right?
Second, English Enhancement Program. I'm trying to enhance my English because that's the only CEM that was not 99+. YASS ENHANCEMENT. hahaahhaha

Third, training. I have training for a competition in July. Training started on Monday, but I didn't go because they told me like an hour before it ended. hHAHAAHA

That's all! Gonna post sometime soon again! Bye!


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