To the Person Who Doubted Me and Still Does

I actually once thought that I would be engulfed with what you said. It would eat me alive, I said to myself, as you told me I wasn't good enough and will never be good enough. Little did I know that it would motivate me to do much better, to try to prove you wrong. But as weeks passed, I realized it meant nothing if I would do my best just to please you because it shouldn't be my goal. The most important and the sole goal I should have was to glorify God and only Him alone. Why was I trying to please someone whom I know would probably never believe in me and push away He who gave me the wisdom and knowledge that I do have and most importantly, the hope that is burning inside me?

If you are wondering if I still can't get over with what you have said, I have already moved on and am already trying to forget those discouraging words. Even if you shouldn't have said it, you still did and maybe there was a reason why. I don't know what that reason is and it's alright for me if I never do. Even if it took me days, I forgave you and don't think that I forgave you because I wanted peace. I forgave you because I know how proud one gets, how ignorant one can be, and if I didn't forgive you, who would? I forgave you because my Father forgave me for things that have broken His heart not once, not twice, but uncountable times.

I'm sorry if I can't meet your expectations because I'm not trying to meet yours but His. I hope you understand that I also have my priorities in life, that growing spiritually, for me, is more important than growing academically. I pray that instead of discouraging students, you help encourage them because you might not know if they just need someone to tell them that they can do it. I can't say these things in person because you don't even know that I got hurt by what you said, but know that I forgive you. It's just that I'm not sure if I should still be joining these things that you ask me to join, and maybe, it's not I who decides but He.

I hope you enjoy this life that He has given us both and that you live for His glory alone, that you live to please Him. May God's blessings be upon you always!

Hey guyss!!! That's the first letter in this series. I couldn't even get mad in the start of this letter because I have already forgiven her. LOL. Please wait for the next letter next week! Hope you liked this! :D

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