Don't Fit In- Be The Light

Heyyy guys! I'm really really very sorry for not being able to update this blog more often; one of the reasons were because I felt guilty over my last post which I already deleted. Now, I've already moved on from that and since there are greater things ahead of me, I might just focus on them. I'm not going to regularly update the series anymore, I'd maybe write about it sometimes but not always.

Do you struggle trying to fit in to a certain group of friends, even changing yourself just to be more likeable? Well, I personally do. Because we are humans, we tend to want other people's attention; we want them to like us. That's not usually the case, however. Some people just don't really like us and it's not like we can do something to change it.

 Have you ever been talked about behind your back? Well, I have. And sad to say, although I would tell my other friends that it won't affect me, I've come to realize that it would always hurt, especially if it's from someone you know and regard as a close friend. But then again, it's not like we can do something that will make them like us and please, the damage has already been done, amiright?

Let me tell you some solid piece of advice - Don't ever try to fit in, be the light in this darkened world. Never ever try to be someone else just to belong to a certain group; if they don't like you for who you truly are, they don't deserve to be friends of yours. OR if they want you to change just for the sole purpose of becoming like them, change your friends. It's alright not to fit in because we're not meant to fit in, we're supposed to be the light. We're supposed to be as unique as possible. So what if they don't like me, I like myself for I am fearfully and wonderfully made by my Creator! (Psalm 139:14)

When there's someone who talks behind your back, I suggest you do not mind them and the words that they say. They're behind you for a reason. Do not ever give in to whatever lies they are spreading about you. Still be yourself no matter what others say. Get your strength from God! (Isaiah 40:29) Though it's hard and painful, forgive them just as the Lord forgave you. (Ephesians 4:32) Pray for them, pray that they will change.

Don't ever ever let what others' opinion change what you think of yourself. You are worthy in the eyes of the Lord and you are His child. He loves you so much and He will always care for you.

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God bless you! :D


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